Kith Treats

two of my favorite things: Cereal and Sneakers. Kith Treats has both. There’s nothing like a cereal bar inside of a sneaker shop. At Kith Treats, you choose from a selection of milk, cereal, and toppings and they place it on a sneaker box for you to mix together and enjoy. Calvin enjoyed the 808, created by Victor Cruz while I enjoyed the Dos Mil.


Frosted Flakes//rice crispy//waffle cones//snickers//whole milk

Dos Mil:

chocolate Rice Krispies//Frosted Flakes//M&m’s//Coconut //Whole milk

It was fairly cheap and the employee was more than happy even when we took forever to make up our minds 

We went to the one in Brooklyn, before we headed to Barclays, with it being .6 miles away from the arena. I know there is one in Manhattan, but not completely sure where. 

At first, we thought we had the wrong address since it just looked like a store front, but inside and to the left was the cereal bar!!


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