Strength & Stability

since I have been munching on christmas cookies and everything that bloats me beyond possible, I decided to do a workout I was not use to without really lifting weights. Also, Calvin and i were extremely excited our gym got a 20 yard turf floor so we decided to get some work in.


Reebok Core Board:
3 sets// 10 throws

when standing on the board, engage your core and your butt. Have your workout partner throw a medicine ball in different directions, making sure to not let your back arch. This is the same effect as doing a Russian twist on the floor but is working your legs and core more due to the fact you wobble if you do not squeeze.

Fitness Ball:
3 sets// 8 pushups

allow your ankles to rest on top of a fitness ball, with your hands on the floor in push up position. Continue to push up, keeping your elbows in, and engaging your core and butt to keep from falling off.

Sled Pushes:
2 sets// 20 yard pushes

(I used a 45 on each pole)

a sled push helps with strength and speed. Make sure to drive your knees up and dorsi flex your foot as you drive to help pick up your speed. When you point your foot and step back into the ground, it applies pressure to your knees which can cause damage, and ultimately does not allow you to bring your speed to the fastest it can be. I find it more challenging and get more of a workout when I fully engage my core and lower half.

Overhead Lunges
3 sets// 20 yards

My gym just got these VIPR bars, which are like straight bars, but they aren’t metal and have handles. I put the 6kg bar above my head and did continuous lunges. Focus on squeezing your back with the bar above your head, so you have more control and stability. When lunging, i like to go right into the next lunge opposed to standing up then lunging again. This allows me to learn more body control and how to pace myself while keeping my hips aligned in the process.

This workout was about 35-40 minutes long, and was something different for my body since i usually just lift weights. This mixed with cardio can be a good fat burner, esp when done in bursts instead of over a period of a slow workout.

I have the video posted on my instagram, for demonstration of every workout except the core board.

Reebok Core Board

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