Back to school//Abs

My University’s gym is a lot different than my gym back home so trying to accommodate for certain workouts is challenging. Majority of the workouts that don’t involve weights can be done right in the comfort of your home. Be creative with materials used but also be smart. Make sure what you use is safe and stable and you focus more on your technique. For example, you can replace a box for jumps with your couch and towels to help slide your feet in instead of a yoga ball.

When doing low weight or body weight workouts, you want to learn to develop your technique and body awareness so you can feel the activation of each muscle, allowing you to properly complete a set when weight is eventually add or the workout is made to be more challenging. Do not rush the starting process. A good form will bring you more success than jumping right into lifting heavy and being sloppy.

I always hate abs but my MissFit Strawberry Margarita pre-workout, makes it a little more tolerable, giving me the hype I need to get through it all.

I like to do abs in alternating sets of two with usually 6 workouts in total. This means I decide what six workouts I want to do, then categorize the most similar into 3 groups of 2.

my three groups were:

exercises using an abs board

exercises using the wall

exercises to engage arms and core

every exercise is done 8-10 times//3 sets


In Outs with the Ab Board
this may be one of my favorite ab exercises. It is exercise #4 in my video. Keep in mind, rotation left and rotation right counts as 1 rep. make sure you are in a proper plank and taking this exercise slow really engages your core more than going fast.

Push Up Off Straight Bar
This exercise was extremely challenging. I needed to change the exercise a little, to dumb it down for me to be able to do. This is inspired by fitness model Katie Crewe. It is exercise #2 in the video. Having a wider leg stance helps as well as placing your hands more farther out on the bar

Mountain Climbers On Wall
This was also inspired by Katie Crewe but instead I put my feet on the wall to do the exercise instead of a bench. Make sure you are at an angle a little higher than 180 degrees but not too high because then the exercise will just target your arms instead of your core as well. This workout is #7 in my video

Wall Planks
wall planks are a little more challenging and a big step up from a regular plank because you engage your core more when your hands are placed pushing against the wall to stay in your straight line. This used the same technique as a regular plank, butt down, core engaged. This I did 20 seconds//3 sets since it is a new exercise my body has never experienced.

Leg Through With Yoga Ball
This exercise can be done two ways. With a pushup or without. Yesterday I chose to do without since the other exercises were also targeting my arms. Make sure the leg you pull down and across your body never touches the ball. The stationary leg never bends or pulls inwards. This is exercise #6

Leg Lifts with Bar and Bosu Ball
When doing this exercise, never touch your butt to the ground. Your body should stay almost parallel to the floor even when kicking and chest pressing. control your leg as your would a regular leg lift and keep your chest press at the same rate as your leg. This is #3 in the video

As always, if there are any questions, DM me on Instagram or comment below! Happy back to classes everyone!




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