What Is So Super About a Superset?

First, a super set is the rotating of exercises between sets. This can be done with two or more exercises at a time, though I prefer two.
There are 7 different kinds of supersets, to fit your needs of what you want your fitness outcome to be. These are Pre-Exhaustion, Post-exhaustion, compound, isolation, opposing muscle, staggered and cardio/strength.

The more used are Pre- Exhaustion, compound and opposing muscle.

Pre-exhaustion: These are a set of workouts where the first workout is an isolation movement followed by a compound movement. An example can be leg extensions followed by squats. The leg extension workouts only one muscle where as the squat works at least three different muscles in your legs

Post-exhaustion: This is pre-exhaustion just flipped around. You would do the compound movement then the isolation. This benefits to work multiple muscles but the isolation at the end makes for that one specific muscle to be worked 10x harder

Compound: These are two or more workouts that target multiple muscle groups for a more intense and exhausting workout. Beginners need to be careful since compound workouts include heavy weights which can be a little dangerous in supersets. An example would be bench pressing followed by incline bench press.

Isolation: isolation is the rotation of two or more workouts that target ONE specific muscle group, allowing you to focus more and work that muscle better to where you would like it to be at. Make sure you balance the muscle groups out with its opposite muscle though for this can lead to complications. An example would be barbell curls and hammer curls, targeting just the bicep itself.

Opposing muscle: It is exactly how it sounds. You chose a workout for one group then a workout for the opposite group. The groups you might abide by are: chest and back, biceps and triceps, abs and lower back and quads and hamstrings.

Staggered: the purpose of this super set is to work to completely unrelated muscles in less time than usual. This means training triceps and calves or fore arms and back. This gives your muscles groups more rest in between sets while still working on your body.

Cardio & Strength: This is for the purpose of targeting one or multiple muscle groups but with a strength set and a cardio set. This allows for the muscle to not get use to the workouts and trains both sides of your body. An example can be sprints on a treadmill then walking lunges right after.


faster workout time

-increases intensity leaving you more satfified with your workout

-you can work your muscles with lower weights

-excites your workout and is less boring

-you can incorporate variety of your favorite workouts or the most effective workouts for your body


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