Hump Day Legs

Sometimes a great pick me up can be a leg workout. Whether it be light with little to no weights or heavy with weighted squats and deadlifts, you’re guaranteed to feel great after you push through legs. I decided to focus on form and technique with my light leg day. As always, if your aren’t squeezing your booty and abs in these exercises, you’re not going to see improvement.
Super sets are most effective when used training legs. I also find it more easy to get through legs because super sets switch up a workout to make it less repetitive

My super sets:
Walking Lunge Kickbacks with Straight Bar (#1 in video)
Dumbbell Lunge (back leg on wall) (#2 in video)

Kneeling Kickbacks with Dumbbell (#3 in video)
One Leg Squats with Bosu Ball (#4 in video)

Hip Thrusts with Dumbbell (#5 in video)
Skaters on Bosu Ball (#5 in video)

As usual, 3-4 sets, aiming for 10-12 reps each since they are low weight

**With any workout that involves kickbacks, you will get a more efficient workout when the foot is dorsi flexed meaning you aren’t pointing your toes

** Dumbbell Lunge: The reason I put my back foot on the wall and dumbbell underneath me is because it allows for more depth in my lunge, since my body has become accustomed to a regular leveled lunge

**SKATERS: the motion of the workout is a high knee to a leverage with your leg going back and to the opposing side of your body. To challenge yourself, make the motions quicker and without a hand on the wall



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