Isolation vs Compound 

Isolation and Compound workouts play different roles in lifting weights. It is important to define the two for the specific result you want.

Isolation Exercises:
These target specific muscle groups at one time. Isolation is used to strengthen or rehab a weak muscle. They are usually any exercise that consists of raising, curling or extending. Some examples are:
front raises, bicep curls, calf raises, leg extensions

Compound exercises: These target more than one major muscle group at one time. These are preferred for athletes or anyone trying to workout and strengthen their whole body, not just one part. They allow for more calories to be burned, keep your heartrate up and allows for more heavier weight. Some examples are:
shoulder press, benching, dips, pushups and squats

**it is ultimately better to do compound workouts for growth whereas it’s better to do isolation if you are aware of a weak muscle such as a hamstring or calf muscle**



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