Grab a Book and a Pair of Uggs!!! (At Home Workout)

But there won’t be any reading involved! Walk to your desk, grab your heaviest book or two and place them in front of you. Need a break from studying or every day life? Take 10 with this workout to get your muscles and mind going.

For this workout, I have three exercises for both the Uggs and the Book. I recommend finding a heavier novel, or if your a bio major like me…. your 10 pound bio book *insert eye rolls*

This workout in total should be about 15-20 minutes. It can be made into a super set by muscle workout. An example of this would be
Super setting the:
-pushups and chest press
– V-ups and Leg Lifts
* If you need a reminder of what a super set is and how to do it, click HERE

1. alternating pushups (workout #2 in video)
– For these pushups, remain in a plank position the whole time as you start with your hands on the inner side of the uggs, performing a close grip push up. Then reach one hand to the outer side of the ugg, then your other hand and perform a wide grip push up. Repeating 3 sets of 10 reps (5 close grip & 5 wide grip)
2. around the world V-ups (workout #2 in video)
-For these V-ups, you wants to V-up first with your legs together on the inner side of the Uggs, then on the up part of the V-up, you move your legs to the outer side. The objective here is to NOT touch the Uggs, giving you more control of your lower abs. Repeating 3 sets of 10 reps (inner v-up & outer v-up counts as only 1 although its two different motions. essentially, you would be doing 20 reps)
3. leg lifts (workout #3 in video)
– For these leg lifts, you’re going to lift to the left, then the middle, then the right. Being aware that you are not arching your back is important, because If you arch your end up straining your muscles more than working them. Keep your core engaged and do NOT hit the Uggs. Repeating 3 sets of 10 (Left, middle, right counting as 1 rep)

1. deadlifts (Straight and Romanian) (workout #4 in video)
For these deadlifts, make sure your back is straight at all time and you are squeezing your booty. Your eyes should be looking level as you bend and your head should not be tucked nor out. Alternate between a Romanian Deadlift and a Straight Leg Deadlift for 3 sets of 12 reps
2. chest press (workout #5 in video)
lie on your back, with your hands under the book. Press it above your body and back down to your chest, engaging your core and chest. Repeating 3 sets of 10 reps
3. lying tricep extension (workout #6 in video)
– lying on your back, bending at your elbows and extending back into a straight arm position. Make sure you do not let your arms move at your shoulder joints, keeping them straight above your head. the only moving should be from your elbows.  Repeating 3 sets of 10 reps



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