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FitMiss Ignite: pre-workout review

FitMiss (click for website) is a brand made specifically for women. I am usually one to use men or gender neutral workout supplements because I feel I have a different workout goal  than majority of women brands. Instead of losing weight, I’d rather gain it in muscle. I decided to change it up a little and purchase a FitMiss pre-workout, since men pre-workouts make my body too jittery and uncomfortable.

This pre-workout isn’t too intense and pumps you up just enough to get motivated. The powder blends fairly well and does not get chalky or clumpy. It does have a fat burner in it, L-carnitine, but that just makes me sweat more, which makes me believe I’m actually working hard lol!

The flavor I’m not crazy about, Strawberry Margarita because I feel its too sweet if you drink it too fast. Of course that makes me drink it slower and during my actual workout so I don’t really get pumped till the middle of my sets. I plan on exploring this brand a little more since they have products for specific goals.

The directions say mix 1 scoop in 14 oz of water, 20-30 minutes prior to workout. This allows the product to kick in, and to pump up your body before the workout starts. There are 5 calories per scoop, 0 sugars, and 1 carb per scoop. The FitMiss Blend of amino acids, vitamins, and caffeine are 5.85 g per scoop, which just means the product is on the stronger side with natural ingredients.

Overall, the brand is pretty trustworthy and reputable and I see many fit models speak on behalf of them. Giving this product a try might be extremely beneficial to your workout needs, whether it be a morning wakeup or jumpstarting your fat burning process.



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