Back Day Blast

Hello everyone!! It’s the start of the weekend, and that means another workout for you all to crush at the gym. I always hated back day because I never could find the energy and motivation to lift heavy weights for a long period of time since back day is usually on the longer side. I started to appreciate it more a few months back because I was amazed of what my body was capable of doing.

Try this back day at the gym and test your abilities, but make sure you ALWAYS squeeze your shoulder blades in between every rep. That helps to isolate and activate your muscles worked. 

Lying Reverse Flyes:

3 sets//8-10 reps (out and up)

Flyes are more of a challenging exercise for me. I always do extremely low weight and try to focus on the technique a lot more than normal. 

Bent Over Rows with Long Cable Bar

4 sets//10-12

Since this is a cable exercise, it isn’t too much of a burnout exercise. For every set, try adding on 5 more pounds than the last and make sure you are slightly bent at the hips when pulling into your belly button. 

Kneeling Lat pull-down

4 sets// 6 (left, right, both)

This is a new found love exercise. I am in awe about just discovering this one. It’s genius and works ultimately every muscle in your back. 

T Bar Row

2 sets// burn out reps 

I am not a fan of T bar rows but they are good for a quick burnout of your back. Two sets of reps until you fail will having you back feeling worked!

Seated Cable Low Row: Triangle Bar

4 sets// 12 

I like the triangle bar the most since it allows you to keep your arms in close to your body. This exercise should be taken extra slow on every rep, allowing your muscle group to be shocked, since by now it has been worked a lot. Shocking your back just simply means changing up the pace of a workout so your muscle group does not get use to the workout

Low Row: Free Motion Live Axis Machine

4 sets// 8-10 

I love this machine and I love challenging myself to higher weight on it. It’s a cable machine that moves on it’s axis as you pull. Try to challenge yourself to higher weight while doing your reps slow 

Single Arm Overhead Press: reverse shoulder press machine 

3 sets//8 

Single arm workouts make sure you are targeting every part of that muscle group. You can’t just work your middle and lower and forget about those upper traps. Sit backwards on the shoulder press to accomplish this workout. 

Notice how these sets went up to 4? Like I said, back is usually a longer day because you need to work such a large muscle. The time commitment and energy put into it is more than any other muscle group. A muscular back has it’s benefits though! You gain a better posture which instantly can transform a look and it gives you a smaller looking waist as well. 



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