At Home Leg Day: Circuit Training

Stuck at home this winter because of the snow? Need a break from writing that exam paper? Work from home? Whatever excuses you have for not getting to the gym, do not exist with this workout.
Leg day can be proficient at any time, any where under any circumstances. This workout is a circuit workout. This is the alternating periods of short, intense workouts with less breaks in between.

Circuit workouts are proven to continue burning calories for hours after a workout, because of the boost of metabolism. It is also a great training workout for a better endurance! Say bye bye to shortage of breath walking up the stairs! It is more enjoyable and exciting than long paced, regular workouts.

6 workouts, 3 rounds, 30 seconds each with a 10 second rest period in between and a 3 min rest period in between rounds.

Chair Step Ups
alternate legs and make sure you squeeze your butt as you step up. pause for a second at the top then slowly come back down

Double Jump Squats
two jumps on your toes then jump into a squat. This works your almost every part of your leg

Alternating Lunges
– for an easier workout; slow paced steps into the lunges will work fine. In the video, I did alternating jump lunges means I immediately jumped into my lunges switching legs

Box Toe Taps
basically high knees but more controlled and tapping the table, chair, etc allows for more body control

Squat Kicks
with the kick you can either kick straight leg or break at the knee to kick. I feel kicking with a straight leg stretches your hammies a little more and is more effective

Squat Pulses
for each pulse, try to go a little deeper into the squat than when you startedimg_7766



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