Say No to Paying for Basic Plans

Basic plans can be good to familiarize yourself to working out but should NEVER be paid for. A basic plan is (and keyword here) BASIC! It does not fit your needs. A good plan is thought out and created from getting to know YOUR wants and goals in your fitness journey, not someone else’s. You can follow individual’s exercises, if they pertain to your goals. If you are buying a plan off someone they need to be asking the same questions you ask yourself.
– What do I want the outcome of my journey to be?
– Am I extremely dedicated?
– Do I have enough time a day to complete a long workout?
– Do I want to tone, lose weight or build my body?

This is because a generic plan may be good for someone who is able to lose weight easily or build muscle easily and your body type might be different.

My suggestion:
Do workouts for every body group, try advice given from fitness gurus and see how your body reacts to lifting weights, low weight cables, cardio etc. This way you know what will be more effective for YOURSELF and can start to gain a better sense of how your body works, then you can purchase a PERSONALIZED plan. Why waste the money on something that is meant for someone else?




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