Bicep Buildin’

These bicep workouts will for sure leave you struggling to bring your groceries in all at once. Add these to your workout plans and see a big change in the size of your muscles.

dumbbell incline curls: 4 sets// 10 reps
making sure to incline the bench, lay with your arms able to freely hang on your sides. Curl one arm at a time, making sure your elbows are by your sides and not moving all over.

21’s: 2 sets// 21 reps
This exercise is so killer, you only need two sets. For the first 7 reps, you will half curl the dumbbells, from bottom to a 90 degree angle, parallel to the floor. For the next 7 reps, you will curl from the top to a 90 degree angle parallel to the floor. For the last 7 reps, its a full curl, from bottom to top as slow and resisted you can do.

rope hammer curls pyramid set: 4 sets// 12,8,6 reps
I find this exercise most effective when doing a pyramid set. 12 reps at low weight, immediately adding on some weight and doing 8 reps then immediately adding more weight for 6 reps.

reverse straight bar curl: 4 sets// 12 reps each
with straight bar curl burnout: rep until failure (burnout)
The reverse straight bar curl works your forearms with an immediate switch grip to curl until failure. This is used to ensure you worked your biceps to their full potential allowing more growth in size.

It is very important to remember technique when curling. Your elbows should be connected to your sides at all times, and your back should not be arched or hunched.





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