Boulders Are Better

Who doesn’t love a good shoulder workout that leaves you feeling strong while building those boulders?! Shoulders are one of my favorite muscle groups to work because of the variety that can go into the workout. You could go low weight with cables or dumbbells and do more isolation workouts or go heavy and hit the compounds. Every one of my shoulder workouts are different depending on how I’m feeling.

For this workout, were going to stick to more dumbbell work for control

shoulder raise variations: 4 sets// 10 reps
these variations of raises work to target your deltoids and your traps. Making sure you are using a comfortable weight where you can have your arms straight while lifting is important. standing raises allow you to stabilize your core, which in turn tightens your stomach up.

shoulder around the world: 4 sets//20
SS’ing with
standing dumbbell shoulder press: 4 sets//burnout reps
with the Around the Worlds, I like to alternate which hand goes in front at the bottom and at the top. make sure your left hand is in front of your right, 10x during the exercise and vice verse for your right. These around the worlds are a challenging workout, and to challenge yourself a little more, try to slow down the pace of which you complete your exercise to allow more resistance on your shoulders.

Make sure to super set with the shoulder press to feel the burn up 10 notches. These two together will have your shoulders burning for days and can create a shock to your muscles allowing for more growth.

Arnold dumbbell press: 4 sets//12 reps
The Arnold is everyone’s favorite. It’s harder than the regular press and helps create the shoulder cut in your arm while targeting your delts tremendously. Try to change the weight of your dumbbell each time. Start with a weight that you know you can 100% do, then move up to the next weight which should be comfortable yet challenging, then to the next weight which you might need someone to spot you. This can be used to create strength and to get yourself out of a rut of not being able to up your weight.

Dumbbell frontal raise with a hold: 4 sets//12 reps each
Holding your one arm while raising the other allows for more burn in your workout. This is more challenging then a regular alternating front raise and is a great way to end a workout. It will exhaust your muscles so you know you have completely worked them.  This can also be super setted with the Arnold’s




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