Should you Shock?

YES! Why aren’t you shocking your muscles? Don’t sit around doing the same workout with the same weight wishing your body will change. You NEED to shock them!

A plateau is a state of when your body is completely resistant to the damage of the muscles being done at hand. When your body reaches a plateau, you will not see change in your muscles. Some common reasons for hitting a plateau is:

  • using the same weight/reps with every set
  • repeating the same workouts without switching them up
  • poor nutrition
  • not challenging yourself in your workouts, doing what is comfortable

So why should you shock your muscles? It promotes muscle growth and uptake in strength. You will see change in your body when you get out of your plateau.

Sure, there are multiple techniques of shocking your muscles but what is the most simple, but effective way of doing it? It’s very easy to understand….change your workouts, change your weights. You need to constantly be switching up what to do, so your muscles are not given the opportunity to become prone to what is happening to them. Not only changing the exercises but also the set techniques. Try some pyramid sets, burnouts and drop sets (refer to the terminology page). Be creative when it comes to planning your workouts and make sure you are not doing boring, repetitive exercises.




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