At Home Workout 💤

this one can be done in the comfort of your bed. Literally. Crush some abs, arms and legs all while barely getting out of bed!

Make this workout a circuit by doing 5 rounds of each exercise for 45 seconds each!

bicycle crunches: engage your core while bringing one knee up to the opposite elbow, switching knees and elbow and continue for 45 seconds

kneeling fire hydrants: when completing this exercise, your leg should be straight, toe pointed extending in a diagonal moment. Make sure to not bend your back, keeping your back, shoulders and head all aligned.

pushups: using the bed frame, keep your body aligned and grab the frame with your hands turned so your fingers are closest to the floor. keep your elbows in with a close grip

wall sit: using the bed frame as well, place your back on the frame and squat low, knees parallel to the ground

leg lifts: place your hands on the wall for stability, making sure not to arch your lower back and keeping your core engaged. Lift your legs up and control them on the way downimg_7766


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