Rest Days

Everyone loves the grind and the feeling of pushing yourself to be better, but not many realize that there’s more than nutrition and fitness to the grind. You workout 7x a week, eat healthy at every meal but still don’t see the expected results. You start to feel a little too sore or burnt out, and start to wonder what you are doing wrong. Rest days are silly to you. “Why should I just not workout for a day? That won’t get me anywhere. I need to workout, that’s how I lose weight. ” WRONG! There’s three parts to the grind;

  1. Fitness
  2. Nutrition
  3. REST!!!!!!

Your body will start to shut down and not respond when it is tired, over worked and burnt out. If you are anything like me, it’s hard to relax. You feel like you need to be doing something at all times or else you stress out and start to believe you are behind on all your tasks. For me, my rest days are just a day off from the gym. I might do a light at home 5 min workout just so I stay sane but other than that I am getting my errands done, or laying down. It is always good to catch up on some sleep so maybe that day sleep in a little or head to bed earlier than normal. Your body repairs itself and build as well as grows while you sleep so that is vital to your rest day.

Make your workout plans for the week, do your meal prepping or knock out all your school assignments but whatever you do stay AWAY from the gym! I promise, it will be worth it.




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