Traveling and fitness

traveling and fitness seem like very hard things to connect in a beneficial way. It’s hard to travel and not grab a snack on your way. Those candy bars suddenly seem so much more appealing when you’re going to be sitting for hours on end. I travel multiple times a year and have found some tips and tricks along the way

Traveling in the car:

  • Get a workout in before you leave. The workout whether it is a short or long will wake you up to get this drive started. No one likes driving tired, so don’t do it. 
  • Pack your snacks. Unsalted sunflower seeds can keep you busy and awake trying to crack the shell and are a good source of protein and vitamin E. Granola bars can fill you up to keep you from grabbing pointless snacks
  • Stop at a rest stop. Get those legs going, walk the scenic route around the rest stop or even a light workout in the grass. Your legs and glutes need to constantly be activated in order for them to grow and change and being cramped up in a car can prevent growth even when you aren’t traveling anymore 

Traveling on a plane:

  • Running from security to gate might seem like a workout but we all know it can’t be considered one lol! Like the suggestion above, get a workout in before you head to catch your plane. You’ll need the energy to get through terrible airport security lines
  • Ask for a water cup. Instead of paying ridiculous fees for a water bottle, just simply ask for a water cup. It’s free and just as good. Keeping hydrated is important especially when in an environment of many people. Keep those germs away. 
  • Wear light weight quick dry clothing. Let your body breathe, and promote blood circulation for those long hours of doing absolutely nothing but sitting  
  • Exercise your mind. Download solitaire or another game and keep yourself busy and your mind happy by playing these games. Switch out physical fitness for mental fitness for a change

Traveling and not feeling bloated can be tough. No one wants to drink too much water for lack of bathrooms but keeping hydrated is key. Wear comfy workout clothes and be smart about your restaurant choices. It can be difficult to not splurge out on not working out and not eating right and if you find yourself doing it, that’s okay. Just be smart about your choices and try to make an effort to get that workout in. 


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