Shoulders & Back (body weight)

This one has been requested a lot from people that cannot lift weights because of back problems. I thought of 3 good exercises to help with shoulders and back. 

#1: A Variation of a kickback

This one should be little lifts with your toe pointed and turned out to the wall to trigger your back and inner thigh. Controlled lifts and squeezing at the high point of range is key here. Keeping your back straight and shoulders back with good posture to get best results 

#2 Supermans

This is for both back and shoulders. Squeezing your arms and legs, lifting them up to the ceiling in controlled motions as well. Your legs should be relatively straight and you should be squeezing your shoulder blades together and your glutes at the top 

#3 Back Fly Variations

basically this exercise is a thumbs up and thumbs down. Pulses to the ceiling with your arms by your head, out to the side and by your legs for a better range of motion and a good way to tighten your back muscles

The video of these exercises can be viewed on my instagram as always!


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