Summer is Almost Here!

Summer is right around the corner. Stores have their summer clothes and shoes out, businesses start advertising for the summer crowd, the weather is getting warmer and you are ready for it all.

It’s time you take advantage of the weather this year and get active in other ways that cardio or weightlifting in the gym. Why not finally have fun while working out? You know what they say; if you enjoy doing it, is it even work?

Here are some of my top ways to get active during these few warm months!

Riding a Bike on the Boardwalk
This might be one of my favorites. Coming from a beach town, it is extremely easy for me to wake up and take mile long rides early morning with my momma up and down the boardwalk. It’s relaxing, fun and you can always reward yourself with a nice breakfast afterwards.

Taking a Dip in the Pool
Swimming is one of the best exercises for your body. It’s easy on your joints and can be fun, until you start getting prune-y of course. Challenge a friend to a race or just swim some laps yourself.

Beach Workouts
Replace your socks and sneakers for a barefooted workout in the sand. Replace weights for body weight and treadmills for running on the sand. Not to mention, the traction from the sand can be 10x more challenging to squat/lunge/run etc and is a good way to get out of a muscle plateau.

A Trip to Sky Zone
Did you know many Sky Zones do trampoline workout classes? Check one of those out or just hit the trampolines by itself for a fun workout to feel like a child again!

Taking a Hike
Look past the bugs and the sweat and taking hikes can be interesting and challenging. The change of scenery is always exciting to me and trying not to get lost while walking can always be interesting as well lol! Whether its a half mile or 8, see if taking a hike is for you!

Walking in the City
Want an excuse to go to the city? Walk your city from one end to the other, trying not to stop in any stores (okay, maybe 1 or 10). By the end of your walk, you’ll be surprised how many miles you’ve covered! NYC is always a good one for me, with all the stores, landscapes, parks and attractions

Walking Bridge
Here in Louisville, there is a walking bridge that goes from Louisville over to Indiana. It has mile markers and is lit up very pretty at night. Why not take a stroll across it for some evening exercise? It can be very relaxing after a tough day.

Pick up Football/Basketball/Soccer
This one is self explanatory. Get your friends together and get a game going. You’ll feel good after you’ve been sweating and sore the next day.

Yoga on the Beach/Park
Many places do classes on the beach or in parks during the summer. Try to find one and give it a shot. You might enjoy yoga a little more with the outdoor smell and no artificial lighting.

There are many other things to do in the summer. Get creative and switch up those workout plans. You might even see a change in increase of fat loss or a more muscle build up! img_7766




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