Fueling Foods For Performance Nutrition

Pre Workout Foods:• Some great pre-workout foods that you should be eating should consist of: high carbohydrates, protein, low fiber and low fats!!

• If you are having a full energizing meal you should have it 2-3 hours before your workout depending how large of a portion it is

• If you decide to just have a snack before, you can have at least 30 minutes closer to the workout

Examples of meals: (at least 2-3 hours before)

– Turkey sandwich

– Pasta

– Chicken, rice, and vegetables

– Omelets

Examples of snacks: (at least 30 minutes before)

– Fruits

– Greek yogurt

– Smoothies

– Protein bars

During Training/Games:

– Any workouts over 60 minutes, you should always have a little energy booster with you

– Whether it is an energy drink OR a protein bar/piece of fruit

– Any workouts less than 60 minutes, it is crucial that you simply drink water to stay hydrated (NO GATORADE)

Post-Workout: (Recovery)

– You should always eat within 30 minutes of your workout

– Meal replacers are okay, but it is better if you have a meal to build up your carbs and protein that you have lost

– You should take in high protein after workouts to help build up your muscle

Examples of Post-workout foods:

– Chicken, Sweet potatoes, and Broccoli

– Salmon, and Vegetables

– Pasta, and Grilled chicken


– Hydration is HIGHLY important!!!!

– Dehydration may cause fatigue, alter decision making and attention to work out, and nausea

– Depending on your body weight you should be drinking 8-20 ounces of water an hour before and after exercise

– .5% of body weight is the amount of water that you should be having before your work out

Always Remember:

You are Powerful

You are Ambitious

Stay Dedicated

Stay Focused


Be You

“I Can and I Will”





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