Nourishing Your Core

Exercising is one part of perfecting a successful core area; you must have healthy nutrition and a great diet to achieve a strong body! 

Food as fuel:

– It is very vital to fuel your body properly

– Try not to skip breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

– It supplies nutrients, energy, and gets your brain pumping

– Last minute stimulate? So not the way to go!! You should substitute that for frequent meals throughout the day to get your body energized. Example: coffee à fruits

– Also, rid your mind of wanting to be “skinny”, replace skinny with LEAN!


Balancing your diet:

– Your diet should consist of three groups:

o Macronutrients (protein, amino acids)

o Fats

o Carbohydrates

– Macronutrients: builds muscle mass

– Fats: promotes healthy cell functions, maintains body temperatures, and is a source of energy

– Carbohydrates: provides energy


Recipe for Fueling:

– Take in at least one gram of protein per pound of your body weight from lean foods! (white meat, fish, eggs, Greek yogurt)

– Breakfast: Omelet made with two egg whites, one yolk, with a small bowl of yoatmeal topped with strawberries

– Breakfast snack: protein shake with a handful of nuts

– Lunch: Chicken breast with salad with tomatoes over it

– Afternoon snack: fruits

– Dinner: Baked fish, asparagus, and brown rice



– Consuming the right amount of fluid is a key factor in performance and keeping your core right!

– Proper hydration helps you feel great before, during, and after a great workout; also hydrating will help you work up a great amount of sweat

– Signs of dehydration: thirst, flushed skin, and becoming fatigued


Keep on working hard, you’re doing GREAT!!


* Forget Skinny, You Are Training To Be A Fit BADASS. *


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