Ways to Stay Motivated

Summer is here, the days are hot and the pool is too nice to not take advantage of. You find yourself waking up later, taking more naps and doing things that can only be done in the short summer months. You’re slacking on your fitness goals because who really has time to step in a gym when the weather is perfect and the gym is disgustingly hot and packed? I’m a culprit of all this, I say I’m “catching up” on sleep but in reality I’m being lazy. I fall asleep in the sun a little too much because “I need to be tan enough for the winter”. I avoid the gym and shorten my workouts because I don’t want to be sweaty in the gym and the second I step foot outside…. When I realize I’m slacking, I decide to change up my fitness plan a little to help stay motivated.

    – A workout outside is always good because you’re getting tan (duh main priority), you’re sweating a little more than usual (almost like a sauna outside), and you’re doing the obvious… working out!!!!
    – Some of my favorite outdoor workouts include:
    a.) swimming in the pool
    b.) going for a hike… make sure to bring the bug spray and beware, you WILL be sore. Hiking is on different terrain than you’re use to so you use different muscles. It’s also a good way to shock your muscles if you’ve hit a plateau.
    c.) beach workouts!! A combo of sprints and burpees on a beach…… shall I say no more, you already know where this is heading.
    d.) Hitting your local high school and using the track. A track and a football field can be very efficient in training. Sprints, tracking how far you walk/jog/run and don’t forget about those bleachers. You can get creative and make up some really hard full body workouts.
    – For me, I have found working out when the gym is relatively empty is better. This way I don’t get side tracked, overwhelmed and have more of a chance of a machine being open to use. This usually is around 10 o’clock at the gym I go to, which is perfect for me as well because I tend to be more motivated at later hours once my day is done and I can focus on my workout. For some people, waking up early then starting their day works best. Try a few different times and see which one you are more productive with, that way you can have more effective workouts.
    – Write your goals in a place where you will be reminded of them every day. For me, I set a quote as my lock screen so I read it multiple times a day and can remember why I set it as my lock screen. I also like to write them on my bulletin board at my desk, so I can easily see them. I know other methods like tracking pounds lost through a mason jar filled with marbles each representing one pound. For each pound you lose, you transfer one marble from the “Pounds to Lose” to the “Pounds Lost” mason jar so you can physically see your progress.
    – find someone to workout with, who has the same goals and helps you to do better. Sometimes you’ll find more motivation in that, because you have to go work out since someone else is depending on you. Tell your friends about your progress, show off your transformation pictures. Find people with good words and good intentions. Those little words can move you a mile, just make sure you’re giving them in return.



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