Glute Isolation and Abs

Every girls favorite muscles to work whether they want to admit it or not! I always like working these two together because as I engage my glutes, I need to engage my core so it makes the two work hand in hand. Any time I isolate my glutes, I tend to stick to lower weight and cables, this way I know I am taking that second to squeeze before doing the next rep.


  • kickbacks, hip adduction & reverse lunges TRI-SET – cable
    4 sets//12 reps of each
  • squats- triangle bar
    4 sets// 12-15 reps
  • single leg deadlifts- smith machine
    4 sets// 8-12 reps each leg
  • weighted bridge
    4 sets// 12 reps


  • tuck ups w/ resistance band
    3 sets// 15 reps
  • cable side crunches
    3 sets// 15 reps each side
  • leg lifts
    3 sets// 15 reps

For every glute exercise, there should be a point where your squeeze and hold for a second or two. For the squats, this is when you stand up and push your hips forward before initiating the next squat. For the bridge, this is when your stomach is aligned with your knees and chest. For the dead lift, it is when you are standing up before initiating the next dead lift.

With your ab exercises, your shoulders should be slightly rounded so you can engage your core correctly with your hips and glutes tucked under. Controlling the exercise is key. You cannot take these exercises at a fast pace.



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